Every Journey Begins With a Good Question


Agustín González Pérez Corral

A human under construction. I have had the privilege to see my dreams destroyed. To witness that thing on which you bet it all, taken away. To endure some rough awakenings, and to have found wonderful friends and books along the way.

All of this has shaped the way I look at the world and things, from multiple perspectives and from the present moment.

How I Can Help You

Start out by signing up for a free Discovery Call or a Single Session.

Discovery Call

A short, complimentary 15-minute call where we can get to know each other and see if we’re a good fit to work together.

Single Session

A transformative 60-minute anti-coaching call designed to lead you towards new inner places that will allow you to examine your life from different angles and perspectives.

3-Session Package

A package of 3 anti-coaching sessions that will give you a chance to observe your current life in a new way and to address issues or take action accordingly.

Work With Me

I can offer you a safe space in which to do some serious inner exploration. The advantage of having just a few gifts – as is my case – is that you can easily identify them. Mine are: my attention span, my ability to listen to words (and what lies beyond them), and asking interesting and prodding questions.

Hopefully, these questions will lead you towards finding new doors within yourself, new mirrors in which to see hidden aspects of life and yourself, and understanding the assumptions that might be hindering you on your journey.

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